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At least until Shaman Ashford began to make our own rifles. They were like the carbine but fired the same bullets as the Priest. The magazines only he...d ten but we carried a dozen extras. I had my warrior long knife on my left thigh opposite the pistol.I looked at my leader and he gestured, "go with the sergeant."I looked at the smaller man beside him, "my kit?"He growled, "take it."I bent and grabbed the pack and rifle and straightened, "lead sergeant."He smiled and glanced at my leader,. “Not to remember.”His lips pursed as he asked, “And the dream clock showed three fifteen?”When Sienna nodded, he glanced at his watch, “Three nineteen precisely.” He gave a little chuckle, “So, it can only have been me you were looking for.” He said,” I’m so glad I was on time.”There was no answer to that and Sienna felt her face reddening again. “How did you come to be on the steps?”“Chance, Pure chance,” he said, so close now, never having stopped looking into her face. “I’m visiting. Whoever will marry her may claim the throne for himself and his children, and there are still many followers, secret and open, who will hold Alana for the rightful heir to the throne."I already said that I considered Elbar a friend. We had discussed this problem in private, and in private we had reached a conclusion that would have satisfied both sides. Unfortunately, old Botho did not see the wisdom behind our agreement and this set off the uprising."A resolution can still be reached, though.. If you think of it as Zero being dead, nonfunctioning. The seventh as GOD. We are now across the midway point and much of our dark learning is in the past.”John Continued, “What we learned in the 1980s was when a planet is ready to make a change in dimension, the Teachers and Guides remove all the people and animals from the planet then make the change. The Lord Satan wanted that and there was a major disagreement with Jesus, Moses, Budha, and millions of our friends that rose up and said NO!.

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